Applying our vast portfolio of operational and
technological experience to create new business

New business creation is at the core of Fujicopian's business culture. By focusing our unique operational experience
and core technologies on strategic market opportunities, oftentimes in collaboration with our customers,
extraordinary business transformations can be achieved. High value business impact is our goal.

Equipment Development

Each company has its own character. We absorb current trends and create unique technology.

The current requirements for satisfying the wide range of demands from clients include producing small amounts of various products and, of course, reducing costs. In focusing on the main themes of raising technology, labour saving and productivity to the next level while meeting these kinds of needs, we are performing independent design of various types of productivity equipment as well as developing high-efficiency and high-precision coating and slitting machines in association with machine manufacturers.

Image - Equipment Development
Image - Tool Design

Tool Design

In order to meet the needs of the current market, we are utilizing technology such as precision machinery engineering, electrical engineering, and control engineering to design and develop more highly efficient and higher performing tools.

Image - Equipment Development

Equipment Development

We aim for lower costs and higher efficiency through equipment design for creating line equipment that allows for efficient production.

Examples of Products

Image - Various Functional Coating Liquids
Various Functional Coating Liquids
Image - Various Functional Films
Various Functional Films
Image - Original Measurement Technology High-Performance Jigs and Tools
Original Measurement Technology High-Performance Jigs and Tools
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