Responding to needs through collaboration

Fujicopian's technology creates value by responding to the needs of our users. In many cases,
our high value products are a result of an extensive collaboration in all development phases with our customers.
This partnership and collaboration with our customers not only creates new products,
but will continue to create new business.


Always for Your Life


"FIXFILM" incorporates a variety of special characteristics that use a combination of surface and adsorbent surface technologies. We currently meet the personal needs of our customers in relation to touch panels typified by the smartphone.

Image - Thermal Transfer Media

Thermal Transfer Media

Core products such as thermal colour ribbons (TCR colour) and thermal monochrome ribbons (TCR monochrome) have made printer size, weight and noise reduction possible along with cost reduction and have obtained overwhelming support globally. These products have won especially high praise for their use in home fax machines, barcode printers and various types of ticket dispensing machines. In addition, we are aggressively working on development of new products to meet various demands for non-impact products.

Image - Stationery


By evolving the function of film, the proposal to change the way in which you work becomes a product. Correction tape "Instarite II". Dry type so that hands won't get dirty and work can be done efficiently.

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