Applying our vast portfolio of operational and
technological experience to create new business

New business creation is at the core of Fujicopian's business culture. By focusing our unique operational experience
and core technologies on strategic market opportunities, oftentimes in collaboration with our customers,
extraordinary business transformations can be achieved. High value business impact is our goal.

Structural Design

Supporting stable application.
We focus on the details.

Stable application of thin film from cassette can only be achieved with no slight changes in frictional properties and no variances in tension.
For example, to allow for correction tape to be used smoothly without stress, high technology is ubiquitous in places that cannot be seen directly with the eyes.
Fujicopian's high-precision design ability owing to its thorough knowledge of coating liquid and films allows for the realization of stable application of thin film for small correction tape cassettes.

Image - Structural Design
Image - Product Design

Product Design

From the containers that hold the film up to the outer colouring materials, we look for designs that are in line with current market needs.

Image - Marketing


Who are the people who will use the product? Under what conditions will they be using it? We perform product planning by overlapping investigation from all angles.

Examples of Products

Image - Mold Products (Correction Tape, etc.)
Mold Products (Correction Tape, etc.)
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