Impact Ribbon / Other Products

Technology is adapted to printout needs.

Fujicopian is developing and producing products with a number of features such as fabric ribbon used
by printers and typewriters that can be adapted to all printout needs.
The impact ribbon developed by our company, which has an established reputation for sharpness
and durability, has captured a high market share percentage.

Fabric Ribbon

This type of ribbon consists of nylon fabric coated with liquid ink.

Image - Fabric Ribbon

Correctable Film Ribbon

Typing mistakes can be corrected with this type.

Image - Correctable Film Ribbon

Multi-Strike Film Ribbon

This type can be used repeatedly and is exceptionally durable.

Image - Multi-Strike Film Ribbon

Analysis Business

Using the measurement technology that we have developed up until now,
we provide various analysis and measurement services.

Details on Basic Attributes (PDF)

Image - Analysis Business
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