Environmental Efforts

Efforts in Environmental Issues

Fujicopian is keenly aware that environmental protection is one of the world's most important issues,
and also one of our company's most important tasks. Our corporate activities in every phase of business operations are
in line with environmental considerations and target reductions in our environmental load.

Green Procurement

Fujicopian is well aware that even a small amount of chemical contained in a product can harm people. We are now building an original system for chemical management in cooperation with our suppliers so that we can work with domestic laws such as the "Law Concerning Examination and Regulation of Manufacturing, of Chemical Substances" and overseas regulations such as RoHS of Europe, and to respond to various requirements of our customers regarding chemical restrictions.

Image - Green Procurement

Green Production

Increases in production can be compatible with waste reduction and decreased energy consumption by switching line production to cellular production, improving machine diagnostics, and eliminating various waste that has been left unchecked in various phases of production.

Image - Reducing waste for the boiler with waste oil

Reducing waste for the boiler with waste oil

Green Development

Fujicopian never compromises on safety, as many people from young children to the elderly use our products in many countries and regions around the world. We start by strictly selecting materials and continuously checking our production method in order to develop products that create a smaller environmental load. We work to reduce waste and energy consumption during the development phase by shortening the time required for development.

Image - Publicize our environmental activities through leaflets

Publicize our environmental activities through leaflets

Green Sales

We re-organized distribution centers to establish a simpler distribution system by reviewing production plans and inventory management. Our energy consumption and air pollution were reduced as a result.

Image - Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission by introducing eco-cars

Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission by introducing eco-cars

Image - Reduced use of paper via electronic documentation

Reduced use of paper via electronic documentation

e-COPIAN 2024Start with what we can now do among what must be done.

To all concerned parties of the Fujicopian group, we promise the following;

  • To maintain environmental consciousness as a corporate citizen.
  • To comply with legal regulations for environmental conservation and honor the terms agreed to with interested parties.
  • To pursue development, manufacture and marketing of eco-friendly products.
  • To aggressively measure for preventing environmental contamination.
  • To avoid complacency and constantly strive to achieve improvements.

Environmental impacts of Fujicopian Group

Site Power Consumption
Paper Consumption
Head office 572 668 11
Okayama Plant
/Fuji Kako
11,152 1,036 910
Tokyo Branch 51 164 1
Total 11,775 1,868 922

※The above figures represent the annual aggregate for 2023.

※The wastes include general wastes from business activities, industrial and special industrial wastes.

[Bar graph] Transition of Power Consumption
[Bar graph] Transition of Paper Consumption
[Bar graph] Transition of Waste

Acquired ISO14001 in April 2004

Fujicopian has established an environmental management system that promotes continuous improvements to the environment in our procurement, development, distribution, sales and all other divisions and centers of our plant and offices, including the Head Office. We determine environmental objectives annually and implement action plans towards further improvement.

Environmental Policies

  • Face global environment as a corporate citizen
  • Focus on developing, manufacturing, and marketing environment-friendly products
  • Comply with laws, regulations and previous agreements with other relevant organizations for environmental conservation
  • Work pro-actively to prevent pollution
  • Continuously strive to be better. Never be complacent
Image - ISO14001
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