Applying our vast portfolio of operational and
technological experience to create new business

New business creation is at the core of Fujicopian's business culture. By focusing our unique operational experience
and core technologies on strategic market opportunities, oftentimes in collaboration with our customers,
extraordinary business transformations can be achieved. High value business impact is our goal.

Formula Design / Blend

Uniqueness is born from creating original products.

Fujicopian possesses the technology necessary for independently designing and developing coating liquids in order to meet client demands in a timely and exact manner. We make full use of materials engineering, inorganic and organic chemistry, and dispersion technology to develop a functional coating liquid with the desired features. The formula design/blend technology created through development of character and image printing media is used to develop the various high value-added products demanded by our wide spectrum of clients as well as by the changing market, and we are continuing to achieve further evolution.

Image - Formula Design / Blend
Image - Formula Design

Formula Design

Characteristics of ingredients are combined and a number of tests performed, and out of this a formula that matches the demands and desired features is produced.

Image - Blend Technology

Blend Technology

We create coating liquids containing unique characteristics through utilizing extensive blend technology established through a wide range of experience. At Fujicopian, where we perform tasks on up to coating, we also focus on the ease of the coating operation.

Examples of Products

Image - Various Functional Coating Liquids
Various Functional Coating Liquids
Image - Various Functional Films
Various Functional Films
Image - Original Measurement Technology High-Performance Jigs and Tools
Original Measurement Technology High-Performance Jigs and Tools
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