Applying our vast portfolio of operational and
technological experience to create new business

New business creation is at the core of Fujicopian's business culture. By focusing our unique operational experience
and core technologies on strategic market opportunities, oftentimes in collaboration with our customers,
extraordinary business transformations can be achieved. High value business impact is our goal.


Knowing the materials.
This is the basis of Fujicopian's philosophy.

Due to the pressing necessity of knowing the characteristic values of materials at the product development site, many analysis and measurement tools are heavily utilized at our company.
No problem presents itself with measurement that can be done with general measurement tools, but property values that exceed those limits are sometimes necessary. We have developed original measurement tools for these situations that measure property values at a higher dimension. These original measurement tools developed by our company are also being sold and they are being used in research centres at various companies.

Image - Analysis
Image - Tack Strength Measurement

Tack Strength Measurement

The behaviour of Fujicopian products when heat and pressure are applied is often a focus point for measurement, and valid data is gathered using our original measurement tools.

Image - Friction Measurement

Friction Measurement

Static and dynamic friction characteristics of pressure, speed, and temperature are measured at normal use conditions.

Examples of Products

Image - Various Functional Coating Liquids
Various Functional Coating Liquids
Image - Various Functional Films
Various Functional Films
Image - Original Measurement Technology High-Performance Jigs and Tools
Original Measurement Technology High-Performance Jigs and Tools
Image - Mold Products (Correction Tape, etc.)
Mold Products (Correction Tape, etc.)
Image - Analysis Business
Analysis Business
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